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Dripping Tap or Shower Head?

Dripping taps are irritating. Whilst you might be able to tolerate the sound of those drips, what you probably won’t be able to bear is the thought of all that water you’re wasting – costing you money with every droplet.
Calling out a plumber and having the repair work completed early could save you from having to replace your tap. In most cases, we will have the parts needed for a repair this however if this is not possible to repair we can also provide a replacement estimation for you.

Toilets & Sinks Installation or repairs

Toilets & Sinks Installation or Repairs

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way.There are few problems worse in a home, business or commercial premises than a blocked toilet that cannot be flushed, or basins, sinks and showers that will not drain away as they should. When you need professional help with these kind of problems we understand this all too well and fortunately we’re here to help. We have the specialised skills and also the equipment and experience to deal with these issues quickly. So whether you need a new toilet or a quick fix, Snead Plumbing & Heating Services are here to help!

leaking pipe.jpg

Leaking Pipes

Leaks which go unnoticed or ignored for too long can cause irreparable and extremely expensive damage to homes. Mainly, the most common problem caused by leaking pipes is mould and damp. It can lead to extensive water damage to the home’s walls and flooring, personal possessions. The early diagnosis and repairing of leaks by us can save families hundreds of pounds in lost furniture and home repairs.

Leaking RAdiator

Radiator Repairs

Leaking radiators mean your central heating won’t be working as efficiently as it could. Plus, you risk damaging your décor (like your carpets, curtains, sofas, and more) if leaks are left unattended. So, at the first sign of problems, cold patches, leaks or your radiators just not heating up as they should, with the very best professional knowledge of both radiator repairs and installation across a broad range of models and systems, we are are fully qualified to come and resolve this issue for you.Also consider having the radiators in your home checked annually, or at least every other year.

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Outdoor Taps

An outdoor tap makes it easy to access every little corner of your garden without having to resort to an excessively long hose. If yours is a large garden, you’ll appreciate having an outside tap that can water your garden minus the headache of a long hose or running to and from the house!
Before you decide exactly where you want to install your outdoor tap, carefully determine what you want to use it for. Decide whether it will be used more to wash your vehicle(s) or paved driveway than to water your garden. If you’re unsure where you want the tap located drop us a line we are here to help.


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